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Avenge Energy is proud to be a leader in high-pressure industrial cleaning. We utilize a completely innovative and modernized line of automated water blast systems with operating pressures of up to 40,000PSI, with variable flow rates to suit the application.


We have developed the most efficient and economical processes to meet your needs in removing unwanted debris and deposits on vessels and other equipment. Our operators have received the highest quality of training available, including an intense mentorship before operating independently. We are specialists in turnaround management, providing a comprehensive, high-quality service for all of your outage and maintenance projects.


Our high-pressure water blasting services include the cleaning and maintenance of aerial coolers, 3d washing, reboilers, exchangers, vessels, single and multi lance tubing, and up to 20” piping.



Avenge High-Pressure Services include:

  • 3D Washing

  • Aerial Cooler Cleaning

  • Reboiler Cleaning

  • Exchanger Cleaning

  • Line Cleaning

  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning

  • Single and Multi Lance Tubing 

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