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Avenge Energy Services is the Peace Region's leader in providing thermal energy to your worksite; an essential part of drilling, production, maintenance, and facility turnaround projects.


Our steam trucks can prevent challenges associated with the freezing temperatures of the Canadian climate. They are versatile and can be used for numerous cleaning projects onsite.


Avenge Energy Services has a fleet of steam units with capacities up to 8m3, and will fit most industry needs. In addition to steam, our water hauling division will keep water supplied to ensure your project is completed on time and without delay.


Applications of Portable Steam Services:

  • Service Rig Heating

  • Freeze-Up Support

  • Maintenance Support 

  • Steam Cleaning:

    • Pipelines

    • Tanks

    • Vessels

    • Wellheads

    • Plant Structures, Buildings, and Facilities

    • Heat Exchangers See also: High-Pressure

    • Scaffolding

    • Rig Mats

    • Parking Lots

    • and more

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