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A hydrovac, used for “hydro-excavation” is the process of using high-pressure water to break up and loosen soil, rocks, clay, gravel, and other various earth materials. It is then continually vacuumed up into a debris tank for later disposal.


The time and complications associated with safely uncovering underground infrastructure can significantly impact the health and safety of your workforce, and can ultimately impact your bottom line. Avenge Energy’s hydrovac units are the safest and most efficient way to expose underground pipe, lines, and utilities in a non-destructive manner.


Hydrovac units are ideal for hard to reach places such as congested neighborhoods, facilities, around high-pressure pipelines, and anywhere a minimally invasive approach is required.

Benefits of using our Vac & Hydrovac services?

  • Efficiency:  Do more in less time

  • Minimal Impact:  Ideal for exposing delicate underground infrastructure

  • Safety: Reduce fatigue and the risk of injured workers and lost time

  • Flexibility: Almost any type of dirt, clay, and even frozen ground can be removed

Avenge Energy's fleet features a full line of straight vacs, hydrovacs, combination, and semi-vac units.

Where are vacuum services used?

  • Oil & Gas: Facility maintenance, pipeline trenching, and tank cleaning

  • Communications: Exposing underground telephone and fiber optics

  • Construction: Shoring and slot trenching

  • Environmental: Debris removal and cleanups

  • Utilities: Pilings and pole hole excavation

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