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A diverse service with a diverse clientele. Avenge Energy Services supplies raw and potable water for a variety of industries, and for a range of needs and requirements; industrial, commercial, residential, agricultural, and more.


Our freshwater trucks are equipped with positive air shutoffs to meet the requirements of refineries and the oilfield industries. Our fleet features pressurized side and rear fantails, as well as spray bars. We have flotation tires available to ensure your project moves forward regardless of the location or season. Our units are outfitted with heated tanks, pump boxes, and belly valves.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our fleet and the assurance that we can complete your project quickly and effectively.

Avenge's Water Hauling Services include:

  • Oil and Gas Rigs

  • Fire Watch and Protection

  • Potable Water Hauling

  • Ice Road, Lease, and Access Construction

  • Dust Control and Landscape Watering

  • Residential and Industrial Water Delivery

  • Cisterns

  • Pool and Hot Tub Filling

  • Skating Rink Flooding

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