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Avenge Energy Services is your 2021 Peace River Chamber of Commerce Community Spirit Award Winner!

“We are honored to accept this award and be recognized for having a presence in the community. It's an amazing feeling when giving back to the community becomes visual and measurable. We want to thank The Chamber for this opportunity and want to thank the community for being a great place to grow a business. Thank you to all the employees, management, admin staff, mechanics, operators, and workers who define this company with their commitment, we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you to the local businesses that we work with and the support that they provide in the background and the different shops that support our facility to keep us going. Thank you to the producers in the area, the oil companies, pulp and paper, and the municipalities that allow us to grow our business and be a part of the community.”

  • Jeremy Hand, CEO of Avenge Energy Services Inc.

Avenge Energy Services’ roots are firmly planted in the Peace River area. Our CEO Jeremy Hand opened the head office in Peace River and it continues to operate there. Our branches have grown to Grand Prairies, Fort Saskatchewan, Edson, Fort St. John, and an office in Calgary. This diversity allows us to serve all of Western Canada and we couldn’t do it without the amazing staff, community, and customers that have allowed the company to grow and expand the way it has.

Driven by the needs of Western Canada and the industries we operate in, Avenge Energy Services has grown and modified our fleet to meet the demand of clients seeking quality. We are Northern Alberta's largest privately-owned diversified fleet and pride ourselves on delivering the best service, people, and equipment in the industry. This service has allowed us to operate on some of the largest pipeline and facility construction projects in Western Canada, with a fleet of over 200 units that is expanding every day.

Avenge Energy Services believes in supporting the local community and feels that local involvement is both a privilege and a responsibility for us as business owners. Avenge Energy Services has contributed more than $1.4 Millions+ annually to the communities in which we operate through sponsorships and donations. We are proud to carry this support forward into 2021.

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